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Who We Are

Toldos Moshe Dov is the premier Orthodox Kehillah for Russian Jews in Ashkelon.
Founded in 5765/2006 by Harav Nochum Pavlov, shlit”a, Beis Hakneses Orei Chaim is vital to the spiritual life and survival of the city’s Russian baalei teshuvah.

Our Commitment

Toldos Moshe Dov is committed to leading Russian Jews back to Torah life. Throughout fifteen years of siyata diShmaya, we’ve built a beautiful, close-knit community of 30 Russian baalei teshuvah families who embrace Torah Judaism.

Our Shul

Our community shul, Orei Chaim, functions as a Shul, Kollel and Jewish Community Center that is the heart of the kehillah and magnet for 35,000 Jewish Russian immigrants living in Ashkelon. It is here that men, women and children in our growing community daven, learn Torah and enjoy special community events that inspire and lead them farther along the path of Torah and kedushah.

A Message from the Rav

Growing and developing in Torah learning, and becoming ever-stronger G-d fearing Jews, Orei Chaim is making the desert bloom. Our success is thanks to you and the generous hearts of the many people who contribute to all that we are doing here. Please join us in our vital endeavors. In the zchus hatorah may you be zoche to bone chaye umezonei and hatzlacha in all your endeavors.

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