Welcome to Orei Chaim

The heart of Torah and tefillah in Ashkelon.

Our community shul, Orei Chaim, functions as a Shul, Kollel and Jewish Community Center that is the heart of the kehillah and magnet for 35,000 Jewish Russian immigrants living in Ashkelon. It is here that men, women and children in our growing community daven, learn Torah and enjoy special community events that inspire and lead them farther along the path of Torah and kedushah.

We’re extremely proud of each and every member of our community who constantly strives to learn, increase his or her observance and grow closer to Hashem. Their individual and collective yearning contributes to the atmosphere of growth and the close-knit, warm, family-style feeling that characterizes our Torah community in Ashkelon.

Help us continue making this all happen.
Join us in leading Jews in Ashkelon back to their source!